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Safety and profitability are the two most important aspects of managing a fleet, and the M1 app dramatically improves both through GPS location tracking as well as driver behavior scoring, complete with a feedback program.


M1 Platform App
available for Apple and Android devices


Once you install the app on your smartphone, and create a fleet account you can begin tracking every single driver and vehicle in your fleet.

GPS Location Tracking pinpoints driver locations, managing their on-duty time by displaying each drive and each stop on the activity overview screen. This enables managers to keep account of various vehicles simultaneously, reducing risk, and increasing efficiencies and transparency.

M1 _ app, iPhone 7 mockup _ v1.0 _ map view.png

Risk Management is also enhanced by automatically identifying and calling out unusual driving behavior. Additionally the management tool assesses the driver’s overall behavior with a score, which can later be used as a tool to improve driver feedback and training and overall safety and efficiency.

M1 _ app, iPhone 7 mockup _ v1.0 _ checkin.png

Reward Programs are available in-app, enabling managers to set automatic rewards for the drivers with the best road behaviors in your fleet, a powerful way to improve morale and increase both driver safety and operational efficiencies.

M1 _ app, iPhone 7 mockup _ v1.0 _ evaluation.png