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Our vision as architects of the future of the mobility services industry, is that while this is still a people business – while the relationships we hold with journalists and PR/Marketing clients are more important than ever – Process and Technology are now more critical than ever to success.

Process empowers people to work smarter and better by defining and standardizing business practices, so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time and can offer consistent service nationwide.

Technology empowers people to work faster and innovate more. Which is why we partnered with LaJolla, California-based Tourmaline Labs. An Artificial Intelligence mobility company, Tourmaline Labs enables enterprises to measurably reduce the complexities of managing their transportation workforce, vehicles, and fleet networks.

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M1 _ app, iPhone 7 mockup _ v1.0 _ map view.png

Tourmaline Labs’ Jobify platform enables MOTUS ONE to streamline execution through automation of job assignment and increase fulfillment performance through intelligent task management – "the right task at the right time" – and easy-to-use processes.

It’s a solution that empowers our goal: to scale, innovate, automate, and disrupt an industry ripe for change.